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Speaker Repair & Warranty Service

Other companies take weeks to repair your equipment, sending it back to the factories for work to be done. At Audio & Video Solutions, our Factory Authorized in-House Service Center will minimize your breakdown time, repairing them in our shop with OEM components, and bringing your equipment back to factory specs. Contact us today for affordable, reliable speaker repair service.


Repair Service

A flat fee of $49 is charged for inspection of equipment. This will apply to the repair cost of such item if repaired with us. Fee is non-refundable. For more information, call us at (305) 640-0565.

JBL Warranty

All JBL products under warranty will be received for the Authorized Service Agency to perform a Diagnostic Inspection in order to determine the failure and its possible origin.

This inspection requires the payment in advance of $49 flat fee that will be reimbursed to the customer ONLY if the repair and parts are covered under the JBL LIMITED WARRANTY terms.

Service Center
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