Home Automation

Home Automation

With home automation system, your home comes alive at the touch of a button. Audio & Video Solutions can integrate entertainment, lighting, climate control, security, networking, and much more. From anywhere in your home you can easily turn on music, lights, drapes, air conditioning and alarm. All features from an intuitive wall-mounted touch screen panel, a computer or even a smart phone.

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Lighting Control

A custom home theater design will use the Bose AdaptiQ In-Wall Speakers. These high-performance speakers deliver clear, lifelike sound while blending elegantly in any room environment. They feature the same Direct/Reflecting speaker technology used in Bose’s award-winning Jewel Cube speaker arrays. You’ll hear a natural blend of reflected and direct sound in your room, much like a live performance. What’s more, the speakers’ custom grilles can be painted to match your décor.

Drapes, Shades and Screens

Motorized and automatic window treatments operate with quiet precision and are available in an endless variety of colors and fabrics to complement your home’s decor. Use drapes, shades or screens to add privacy to and room lighting to control to any room, or schedule to open and close drapes based on time of day. Automated drapes and screens are also perfect for hard to reach windows or to protect furniture from the sun’s UV damage.

Climate Control

Integrated climate control provides total indoor comfort. With pre-set temperature points and zoned areas, your home’s temperature and humidity level are monitored automatically. You can even adjust your home’s climate controls while you’re out and help keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature.

Audio Distribution

Imagine having music in every room of your home with just the touch of a button. With our multi-source, multi-zone sound, you can enjoy the music that you love throughout the entire house or just in the room of your preference. Audio distribution lets you relax while listening to your music collection, and enjoy the ease and accessibility at a touch of a control panel, Tablet, Smart Phone or remote control.

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