Arena & Stadium Speakers

Audio & Video Solutions installs stadium speakers throughout Florida. When it comes down to something as big as a stadium or arena, our company Audio & Video Solutions goes all out. Whether you are installing Nexo, ElectroVoice, Bose Pro or Tannoy Pro you will have our 25 plus years of experience in audio and video to back you up.

In addition, we partner up with the manufacturer providing the products to efficiently provide you with the best service out there. This advantage also adds a great tool which allows you to listen to the full acoustics of your stadium or arena before any systems go up. You have the option to choose or change all the sound before any investment is made, as a result we can guarantee, in writing, perfect coverage in all seating areas before even passing the first wire.

After installation is complete, our team will continue to follow up in order to ensure customer satisfaction and equipment update. In the case of malfunction, our industry certified in-house service facility will be ready to respond to the problem. We will loan a temporary replacement of the product which requires fixing to ensure that your stadium or arena will always be operational, providing your visitors with the audio, video and lighting they deserve.

Yearly maintenance plans are available upon request. Contact us today for a free quote on stadium speakers and more.

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