Media Rooms

The true experience!

Bring the action home with your very own dedicated media room! Enjoy a realistic experience watching what you like.


We will work with your designer to allocate equipment needed in the right place, leaving you with a 5 star turn key system.

A professional job.

From professional technicians to experienced installers, we will make sure your investment is put to great use. Ask about in wall speakers today.


Have control on the palm of your hand. With all systems automated, you can control your room from an Tablet of Phone.

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Audio & Video Solutions is the leading provider for AV systems in Miami. When it comes to in wall speakers, we work with the best. Tannoy is our brand of choice. Providing elegant speakers as well as a line of in wall speakers, Tannoy is the best option when it comes to customizing your home with the best sound while maintaining a beautiful design. Contact us today for info.

Enhance Home Decor

In response to the demand for products designed to enhance home decor, Tannoy has focused on delivery speakers embodied in a large diversity of wooden frames, drastically improving your home’s decor.

Options are Limitless

Tannoy offers a different line of product for every occasion. We have Mercury, Revolution, Precision, Revolution, Definition, Prestige & Kingdom Royal. All these names help describe the power Tannoy will provide through each of these speakers.



Quality TVs from Samsung, ranging in all sizes and from 4K to Curved. Perfect for any type of room.


Endless possibilities, great quality image, any size you want. All this and more can be achieved with a quality projector from Sim2.


Perfect for different environments and projections. Roller and fixed options available.

Acoustic Treatment


Auralex at Work!

As Pro Audio technology continues to evolve, sound control solutions must meet greater acoustical demands while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

SonoSuede™ Systems

This is a cost-effective complete do-it-yourself room treatment system ideal for the professional studio or any critical listening environment.

ELiTE™ Custom Fabric System™

This fully-engineered acoustical treatment system utilizes a retention channel and custom installation process to turn any room into a completely immersive and dynamic listening environment.

Lighting Control

Energy Savings!

With 20% of your electric bill coming from lighting, there’s no better time to switch to Lutron Control and start saving your money.

Ambient Lighting & Control

Control all the lighting in your media room from the palm of your hand. Manage highlights, shadows and colors for a fully personalized experience.
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