Why You Need An Audio Visual Technician Even If You Have a Tech Guy

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So you have a commercial business of some kind like a nightclub or restaurant, and you want to set up a professional sound system, or perhaps set up a screen for video content. You already have a tech guy or gal, so you don’t need an audio visual technician, right? That’s not quite the case, actually. There’s a difference between your own technician and a technical systems designer, and you’ll want to know these details. At Audio & Video Solutions, we not only offer a wide range of A/V products and equipment, but also offer AV installation services with our own designers. Let us take a moment to share our experience so that you know everything you need to about the value of hiring an external designer.


The Difference Between Your Technician and an External Designer

Let’s talk about your own technical specialist first. This is someone you’ve hired to operate your technical equipment, and in many ways, they act as a technical producer or manager of your systems. They’ll have the skills and education to provide general maintenance on your technical equipment as well as run it depending on the needs of your establishment. If you run a university, for example, they can likely do things like mix audio or switch videos for an event you might hold for your students. Additionally, it’s important to recognize that your technician holds a lot of responsibility for ensuring these systems run and meet your expectations.


An independant technical designer, on the other hand, will likely have furthered their education and would have the skills to design all-new technical systems for your establishment. We’re talking about things like designing AVL systems, setting up wiring and speakers, and functioning like an A/V architect. This designer is the one who will build for you the systems you need while your technician is the one who will run those systems for you. They’ll also be able to provide an unbiased perspective regarding your situation, including your building as we as your expectations.


What Our Audio Visual Technician Has to Offer

When it comes to the audio visual world, we at Audio & Video solutions can provide you with many different products and installation services. This ranges from smaller products like wireless speakers and headphones to larger home products like home theater equipment and patio speakers. Regarding installation, we can do virtually anything you could imagine in the A/V world. Set up your home security system, music systems for restaurants, nightclubs, and more with us, or even a full stadium big screen and sound system. We can also set up security cameras for residential and commercial lots, or even do home automation. Whether you’re setting up a new theater, church, cafe, retail store, or anything else, we can set you up with a flawless, professional sound system or video setup.


Contact Us for A Professional Sound System

Are you in need of a professional, audio visual technician in the Miami area? We at Audio & Video solutions can help with virtually anything A/V related. Leave these projects to us so that you can rest easy and focus on other areas of your home or establishment. Check out our website for a list of products we sell or contact us today to inquire about our various A/V installation services.


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