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If you’ve never experienced the thrill Bose speakers provide its listeners, then you’re missing out on quality sound. Utilized in residential and commercial spaces, Bose has made a name for themselves in the audio world. While they’ve been revolutionizing the industry with their wide range of audio solutions, Bose recently announced it would be closing all of its storefronts in North America, Japan, Australia, and Europe — including the four Bose Miami stores. If you’ve relied on these stores to get your Bose products in the past, Audio & Video Solutions has your back. Not only are we an authorized dealer for Bose, but we perform a variety of services to meet your business’ needs. 


Struggling to Find Bose Miami Residents Trust?


Earlier this year, Bose surprised the world when it announced plans to close all of its retail stores across North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. It was a significant move for a major manufacturer of top-of-the-line audio equipment, but one that makes sense for a company that primarily relies on e-commerce and outside authorized retailers. 


The Bose stores that are closing were typically used as a showcase for their newest products, a way for customers to experience the powerful sound before purchasing. When their retail stores opened in 1993, it was what the customer wanted, and Bose responded well.


With times changing, the customer isn’t as interested in making the trip to the mall or storefront just to test different systems. Everything is done online, and that’s precisely what Bose is noticing with its customer base. 


How Can Authorized Retailers Help You Find Bose Speakers?


While Bose storefronts are closing, authorized retailers aren’t, and they will remain open to satisfy their client’s needs. At Audio & Video Solutions, we not only sell a variety of quality Bose products, but we can design, build, and install exactly what you need to start enjoying your system.


Since most commercial projects will require a custom audio solution that you can’t find in a Bose Miami store, an authorized retailer with the necessary experience can draw you the perfect design. This will ensure you still get the quality that Bose provides while giving you a unique system that works for your business.


Just because you won’t be able to step into a store with a large Bose sign out front doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy their line of products and receive the help you need. We can help you get the most out of your installation so you can leave a valuable first impression with your customers and guests. 


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If you are looking to upgrade your home entertainment system or need a custom solution for your business, you can trust the experienced professionals at Audio & Video Solutions. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years and carry all your favorite Bose products. 


We not only specialize in selling Bose products, but we can design and install your system at an affordable price. We’ve helped churches, auditoriums, stadiums, restaurants, retail shops, hotels, and more make use of Bose speakers in their business. Contact us today if you need a trusted Bose provider in Miami, we’d be happy to assist!



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