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With many businesses being put on hold during the lockdown, there’s never been a better time to start brainstorming updates and renovations to your commercial audio or visual solutions. Since most businesses won’t update their system every time a new technology comes out, there’s a good chance that you’ve fallen behind the times. With the help of our professionals at Audio & Video Solutions, we can help bring state-of-the-art solutions to your commercial space. Contact us today if you’re looking for a quality Bose store Miami businesses know and love!


Commercial Audio Installation Brings Life to Your Business


You might not think of it often, but your audio system plays a vital role in your business’ daily operations. If you don’t already have an efficient solution installed, they can be utilized in a variety of ways, including:


  1. Paging individual employees or departments throughout the day without disrupting others with unnecessary interruptions
  2. If you have several offices that communicate with each other often, you can now offer hands-free methods to improve efficiency
  3. Your audio solution can be connected to your fire alarm and other emergency systems to make building-wide announcements or evacuation procedures
  4. Placing speakers throughout the commercial space will allow you to play soothing music for employees and guests. Happier people means more production!


When you think about it, your employees are likely wasting a lot of time traveling to each other’s offices to have conversations. Unnecessary back-and-forths over email and phone calls only halt production and efficiency. Audio & Video Solutions can help you combat these common issues faced with your business. We’ve been a trusted Bose Miami provider for over 18 years and have no plans of stopping now.


You Need a Bose Store Miami Businesses Trust!


When we ask our clients why they’re looking into upgrading their audio equipment throughout their office or property, we get told the same two things repeatedly. They’re either upgrading for the first time after adopting whatever was leftover from the previous owners, or their current system is starting to break down, and they have no other option. 


Either way, there’s never been a better time to call a professional designer and installer to help make the most of your space. It’s something you, your faculty, and guests will enjoy, contributing to the overall experience your business provides. 


Ever since Bose announced the closing of their North American, Japanese, Australian, and European retail stores (including Bose Miami stores), we’ve been seeing locals struggling to find a trusted Bose provider. Well, look no further because Audio & Video Solutions has been an authorized Bose Miami dealer and installer for the past 18 years. 


We take great pride in analyzing your current situation, figuring out what would work best moving forward, and implementing it for all to enjoy. 


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Ever since Bose decided to begin closing their retail storefronts, businesses have been searching for the best Bose store Miami has to offer. Audio & Video Solutions has over 30 years of experience in the design and install industry, with over 18 years as an authorized Bose dealer. We come packed with knowledge to help you get the maximum benefit from your audio solution. Contact us today to see how we can assist you and your business!



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