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Bose stores in Miami

Many stores at the moment are closed due to the current coronavirus pandemic. Some stores, unfortunately, have even gone under due to lack of business and activity. There is one store brand that has closed down, but not for pandemic-related reasons. If you haven’t heard, at the beginning of the year, the popular audio equipment company, Bose, made the decision to close all of its retail Bose stores, in favor of focusing solely on ecommerce. If you prefer to test out your head and speakers in person, you may be wondering where to find your favorite brand now. Audio & Video Solutions has all of the products from Bose Miami locals love. So don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. Stop by and check us out!

What’s Happening

In 1993, Bose rolled out its first retail stores: a place where consumers could try out a wide array of audio products. This immersive experience was revolutionary. Today’s stores have showcased many of Bose’s signature products, such as their line of noise-cancelling headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and even sunglasses that double as earbuds. As of early 2020, however, the company cited that ecommerce sales are heavily increasing, and so they plan to grow this side of the business for the future.

Unfortunately, however, this means the closure of 119 retail stores throughout North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. This means many malls and stopping centers will lose a customer favorite, leaving many here wondering where they can test out the products from Bose Miami residents have come to love and incorporate into their everyday lives.

You Don’t Need Bose Stores for Bose Products

In some cases, it is just as easy to shop online as it is in person. Some things, however, like many Bose products, are an investment that most want the chance to try out for themselves, so that they know they are buying the right product. Which set of headphones fits most comfortably? Do some block out noise better than others? Which speaker system works best with my home’s layout? These are questions that are simply best left answered in person. Luckily, Bose products are still available in some stores, like Audio & Visual Solutions here in Miami, if not in a Bose-specific storefront. We are a Bose authorized dealer, so we know everything there is to know about this audio equipment. We’ve helped hundreds of consumers and businesses pick out sound systems and products that have transformed their business settings, home theaters, and more. Because of our expertise in all things audio, video, and Bose, many regard us as the authority on Bose Miami should come to first.

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So if you’re in need of some new headphones to get through quarantine or are looking to fit your business with a new speaker system, just know that you don’t need to rely on Bose stores. Audio & Video Solutions has the knowledge and the products to get you what you need. Stop by our Miami location anytime and check out what we have to offer.



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