Church Speakers: Tips for Church Tech Teams

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For many churches, acoustics and sound play a vital role in communicating their message. Many people who run the sound at their local church used to spend a lot of time behind a mixing board, but nowadays they probably have made the shift to spending more time in front of a computer. For many church tech teams, there are certain things to keep into consideration when it comes to their mixing board and the various components of sound in their church. Read on to learn about some tips regarding church speakers and AV systems and what really makes a “good mix” for church audio team members. Call Audio & Video Solutions today for your Miami audio system needs!


What To Know About Church Audio Systems For Church Tech Teams


The biggest question that comes up for church audio team members is: How difficult is it to train a church tech team volunteer so that they are able to get a “good” mix as the church sound board operator? A lot of people may think that all they need is a couple of hours being shown how to operate a sound board in order for a church tech team volunteer to have a thorough understanding of how to get things going. If your goal is only to turn things on and off, then this could be all you need (depending on the complexity of the system). But just being able to turn things on and off or up and down is far cry from mixing “good” sound, let alone “great” sound. A weekend training session or even a week-long class can be very helpful in this regard, but not enough. A “Good” mix is not made up of simply the correct mic placement, or just the right EQ, or just the right reverb, the right gain structure, the right equipment, instruments, or amplifiers. Even though all of these things are important and necessary (or at least really helpful), what really makes a mix come together is being able to listen. 


Tips For Working With Church Speakers 


Working a sound board is much like playing an instrument, or perhaps like conducting an orchestra. Those are both imperfect analogies, but they can help illustrate some of the complexities of knowing the feel of the instrument so intimately that you are able to bring forth exactly the tone and timber that you want to project through AV systems. Or anticipating how one section of a group of musicians will sound and then being able to react in real time and adjust levels and sounds in order to produce an end product with just the right blend and impact. A good sound person will know the basics of how to get the sound, but will also be able to take it further and is constantly listening to the mix while simultaneously thinking ahead in order to predict where the audio of the song needs to go. This is why it’s essential for a church sound person to know the music at least as well as the band and be able to understand the flow of dynamics that the music set will have.


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