151 Patio Install Doral
151 Patio Install Doral
151 Patio Install Doral
151 Patio Install Doral
151 Patio Install Doral
The most popular outdoor speakers from Bose provide rugged durability, and now feature enhanced performance and styling to better accommodate the way people listen to music and entertain outdoors. An Articulated Array® speaker design delivers full stereo sound over a wider area, so listeners can enjoy a consistent musical experience as they move from the deck to the pool, around the yard or on the patio.

Long Lasting

Exceptionally rugged, durable construction for year-round dependability.

Added Versatility

Speakers can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Sleek, compact

Cabinets fit close to the wall and blend in under eaves for a neat, low-profile appearance.

5-Year Warranty

Transferable warranty – one of the strongest in the industry.

Stereo Everywhere®

Speaker performance distributes sound evenly with balanced stereo sound over a wide area, so listeners can experience consistent performance as they move about outdoors.

Complement Other Bose Speakers

Part of the outdoor “family” for homeowners who may prefer to mix and match outdoor speakers for extensive sound coverage.

Multi-Purpose Applications

Can be used outdoors on the porch, patio, deck or dock, in boats; or indoors in spas, workshops – almost anywhere the environment may pose a problem for indoor speakers.

Lifestyle® Stereo Compatible

Can be used as expansion speakers for Lifestyle® system owners who want to add a room of sound outdoors.
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