Do You Need A Restaurant Sound System?

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For many restaurants and bars, a huge amount of focus goes into choosing the right equipment and furniture for seating, kitchen, and waiting areas. Unfortunately, AV equipment for background music, paging, intercoms, and even television viewing gets left at the very bottom as an afterthought. Budget-conscious owners often try and attempt their own consumer grade speakers where they think it looks good or is out of the way. However, many many business owners over time eventually realize that cutting corners with haphazardly placed, low-cost AV equipment can end up with unreliable and inefficient performance. Read onto learn more about the importance of a restaurant sound system and how you should get it installed. Audio & Video Solutions is a top audio store in the Miami area. If you’re looking online for an “audio store near me,” call Audio & Video Solutions today!


Why You Need Professional AV Equipment


Many people hold the misconception that all TV’s, speakers, and amplifiers are the same. Before you go to an “audio store near me,” you should be informed regarding the differences. There are significant differences between equipment that is manufactured specifically for home use and equipment manufactured for commercial use. Restaurants and bar owners may not take into consideration that consumer goods are intended to be used only a few hours a day and usually come with a one-year warranty. These sound systems are not built to take on the wear and tear of multiple shifts, year after year. Professional AV equipment is designed to withstand operation 12-16 hours a day and comes with warranties and support in order to protect purchases for extended periods of time. 


Pros Of A Restaurant Sound System


It’s not simply that powerful home speakers are unable to properly project sound in professional environments- the issue mainly resides in other components of the audio system. To cut costs, the majority of home stereos are designed with an amplifier and source selection in one unit. Typically, they are convection cooled, which means there are no fans; just holes made to dissipate heat. Restaurant areas are naturally extremely hot, and convection cooling alone will not be enough to keep the amp from overheating and failing. This is especially true since oftentimes the most convenient place to keep sound equipment from customer view and out of the way is in the kitchen or high on a shelf on top of the cash register. Consumer electronics that are mounted in the hot, steamy, greasy areas are very likely to fail prematurely. Professional amplifiers utilize variable speed fans with sensors in order to adjust to fluctuating temperatures. When they get hot, the fans speed up to pull more air through the unit in order to cool the electronics down.


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A professional restaurant sound system can be an investment that ultimately saves you money, hassle, and having to replace your consumer grade audio parts all the time. Audio & Video Solutions is here to assist with any audio or video needs. If you’re looking for an “audio store near me” in the Miami area, call Audio & Video Solutions today!



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