Looking for Speakers for DJs? Here’s 5 Questions You Should Ask!

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When it comes to the success of a nightclub, the sound system plays an essential role. That is why it is important to be informed regarding your nightclub sound system and the speakers for DJs that you are going to install for your business. Before you decide to invest in a new nightclub sound system, you should ask yourself these 10 questions. Read on to learn more about the basics of installing a sound system for your nightclub business. Audio & Video Solutions provides sound systems Miami hospitality industry leaders rely on. Call Audio & Video Solutions today for your audio and video needs!


Questions To Ask Before Installing a NIghtclub Sound System


  • How do I protect the hearing of my nightclub staff?- As an employer, you hold a legal responsibility in protecting the hearing of your staff. You have to make sure that the legal limits on noise exposure are not exceeded. You can provide your staff with ear plugs as a good starting point. Another good thing to do is to position the bar away from the dance floor when designing the club. Of course, it helps to have the loudspeakers that are close to the bar set on their own dedicated volume control.
  • How can sound quality impact my profit?- When the sound quality is better, it is easier to attract popular DJs and artists. This in turn will result in more people coming to your nightclub. Sound quality effects have many subtle nuances in how they profit. You should find a nightclub sound system that has exceptional clarity and fidelity. We think that distorted music causes stress and fatigue. This is due to the fact that the brain works hard to filter out the harmonic content that is distortion. When you improve sound system clarity, you improve the atmosphere, which ultimately earns you more money.
  • What are you inputs and outputs sockets and how is this zoned in my nightclub?- Every venue is different so it is worth taking the time to compose a list of what you want your sound system to do. Zones provide individual control over different parts of your nightclub. If you want different music in different rooms, you can zone them separately. 


When Installing Speakers For DJs


  • How long will the nightclub sound system last?- Make sure to read the warranty period to assist in deciding how long equipment should be able to last. For example, something with a one-year warranty will probably break. The result will be you paying more money. If equipment has a five year warranty then you can be confident your investment will last.
  • Passive or self-powered speakers?- For nightclubs it is always recommended to utilize passive speakers with separate amplifiers, so that you are able to lock away the amplifiers and their control. While it may seem convenient to have the amplifiers within the loudspeaker, they can fail if drinks get into the  amplifier. Basically, you want to have control and not the public when it comes to sound systems Miami clubs can rely on.


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