Get the Perfect Surround Sound Speakers For Your Business

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Are you a business owner who wants to bring in high-quality sound to your establishment? Science says that background music affects the shopping experience, such as what customers buy, their average time spent in your store, and their spending total. Since music can impact the brain in many different ways, it’s crucial to get the tunes right, and that starts by having the perfect surround sound speakers. We at Audio & Video Solutions understand that music is the voice of your brand that lets your customers know who you are. Our well-trained professionals have provided professional products and installation services to the best nightclubs, theaters, retail establishments and more in Miami. We’d love to help your business sound as great as it looks, too.


Need a Sound System for Your Retail Business? Consider These Three Things

Strategic overhead music can be what attracts customers to your business and keeps them there. But if your location lacks a good sound system, you risk your customers feeling uninterested in buying from you. With a little guidance, you can find the best sound system that sets the right vibe for your business.


  1. Sound Distribution

Are you wondering how many speakers you should have? You’re not alone. Most business establishments get sound distribution wrong. Customers don’t idle in one area when they’re shopping; they wander from place to place in search of the items they want or need. Therefore, your music shouldn’t be focused in one location, but rather it should be equally distributed throughout the entire store. The way to achieve balanced audio is to have at least four speakers spread evenly out along the ceiling. Aim to place them twice the distance apart as the distance from the ceiling to the floor.


  1. Amplifiers

It’s recommended that commercial sound systems have a 70-volt amplifier because it is energy efficient. A 70-volt system utilizes high voltage to result in a lower current when distributing power to speakers. Thus, a higher voltage helps to reduce waste and prevent overheating.


  1. Music Selection

The music that plays in the background explains your brand to customers and enhances the experience they have while they spend time with you. Carefully choose your playlist to create the right atmosphere, to avoid copyright infringement, and to help your brand become unforgettable.  


We Have Surround Sound Speakers and More!

Do you need modern audio products to fulfill your business needs but can’t decide on a Bose store near me? With over 18 years’ experience as a Bose authorized dealer, we at Audio & Video Solutions can provide you with a variety of high-quality electronics complete with installation services. Our product lineup includes everything from sound distribution equipment to wireless speakers to entertainment sound systems.  


Contact Us. We’re the #1 Bose Store Near Me

Everywhere we go, music comes with us. And in order to create a sense of comfort and engagement for your consumers, you need to play music in your place of business. Let us bring our knowledge and experience to your project. Our team of experts will ensure that we help you select the perfect surround sound speakers for your store. If you live in the Miami area, contact us today for a consultation. When it comes to the best “Bose store near me” options, it doesn’t get any better than the Audio & Video Solutions brand.



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