New Bose® QuietComfort® 35 wireless headphones

Engineered with world-class noise cancellation that makes quiet sound quieter
and music sound better. So you can just listen, with nothing in the way.


151® SE Enviromental Speaker

At an outdoor party, people don’t stay in one spot. Neither should your stereo sound.
Introducing Bose® 151® SE speakers with Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance.


Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 535

Introducing the Lifestyle® SoundTouch® 535 entertainment system. The best Bose®
surround sound system. Powerful performance, wireless music and easy control.



Whether in your home, on your boat or in your plane, we provide you with the best automation, audio and video solutions to fit your needs.



Take sound and video to the next level. We have partnered with some of the top electronics companies, like BosePro, Nexo and ElectroVoice, to bring you the best equipment available!




From Houses of Worship to gyms and auditoriums, we provide the best professional set-up for your needs.

Ultimate listening experience with the purest, deepest, most vibrant sound.

  • Six custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers.
  • Sonos’ Trueplay™ tuning feature delivers sound that’s true to the music and right for the room.
  • Control all your music and streaming services from a single app (on your smartphone, tablet or computer).
  • Uses your WiFi. Easy to set up and allows you to expand your system over time.

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